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Welcome to our farm!

I'm Jessica and I live on ten beautiful, rolling acres in Indiana with my husband, Misha, and our daughters. We are a hardworking little homestead. Our family lives a homesteading life on our farm where we raise milk goats, honey bees, free range chickens and many other animals. We started this farm as a hobby, a healthy lifestyle for our daughters, and to learn as much as we could about small scale farming. It is still a hobby but it has provided us with a lot of joy and inspiration along the way. We are always learning and it's all fun! 


Our soap is lovingly handmade in small batches with fresh ingredients from our farm.  We try to live as cleanly and as waste free as possible. Our products do not contain chemicals, perfumes, detergents, unnatural dyes nor any parabens, sulfates, or triclosan.


The natural contents in our soap will not add synthetic compounds into the environment or to your body. What you see in the ingredients list is exactly what is in the soap--nothing more!

It's A Lifestyle

Our daughters help with the daily chores of feeding, milking and tending to our menagerie. Our garden gives us fresh vegetables and herbs, our free range flock always provides nutritious eggs, and we have enough fruit trees and berry bushes to eat healthy, newly harvested fruit all season--as well as preserve enough for the whole winter. In the spring, we tap our trees to make delicious maple syrup. You can watch some of the day to day activities on our farm through our vlog, Laughing Goat Farm.

We never use materials harmful to the environment in our packaging, nor are there any substances damaging to the environment in our soaps. We try to live as self sustainably as we can and minimize waste.

It's a lifestyle we enjoy.

We love and appreciate this kind of life and that enjoyment goes into our soap. We are happy and proud to share part of our sustainable lifestyle with you through our products. Enjoy!

Meet the Team

Our milk goats are ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf goats and they make the creamy, nutritious milk that goes into our soaps. Our goats are fed a healthy, wholesome diet and forage all day on an untreated, chemical-free pasture. Somehow, they manage to convince us to give them lots of treats like carrots, apples, pumpkins, maple leaves and, especially, their favorite--raisins!


This is our first milk goat, Bibi -- the calmest, sweetest goat you will ever meet. You could describe Bibi as serene and intelligent. A "Zen" goat. She will quietly approach and lay her head on your lap or against your leg politely asking for head scratches. Bibi is happiest when she is around people getting scratched. She is unflappable. We love her so much we put her face on the logo!


KT is a climber, a jumper, and an adventurer. However, she enjoys her quiet time and prefers to do her own thing and doesn't follow the herd as much as the others. KT can often be found exploring their three acre pasture checking out everything there is to see. KT loves to roam. She is intensely curious about the world and is an excellent milk goat.


This is Mei-Li, or, as we call her, "Mei-Mei." She is a large, strong goat and very playful, noisy, outgoing, and devoted to her mother, Bibi. And just like Bibi, she is an excellent, caring Mama to her kids and even takes on the kids of other does on occasion. Mei-Li is probably the alpha-female of the herd and keeps everybody in line. She is a superb milker She loves to be in the herd with her "sisters." 


This sweet goat looks like warm cup of espresso with a steamed milky foam on top. Latte is a very friendly, lovable and confident goat but she is not fond of crowds. She likes to be by one person or one goat at a time, which is mostly Angel. Latte knows what she wants and doesn't give up until she gets it. She is very determined. 


Angel is a very friendly goat. She is quiet and is happy to let the other goats fight over who will be the alpha. She keeps out of politics. Slow to warm up, once she trusts you she becomes very affectionate and she stays by your side. Her favorite is cheek scratches while speaking to her in a whisper. She is always watching and observing and is very interested in all the other animals on the farm. She seems to befriend underdogs and can understand when an animal needs a friend. Her best friend is Latte.

Angel 1.jpeg
Stardust 2.jpeg

Stardust is the baby of the group and is still pretty skittish but she is getting friendlier every day. She has not been milked yet but she shows signs of being a good milker. We are working to tame her a bit and she will now allow us to hand feed her but will only tolerate a few brief pets. She gets along very well with Angel, who seems to be her support when she gets nervous. Stardust loves to play with cats. We just love her pink nose!

goats sitting.jpeg
We have a Vlog!

Our farm is very busy! Whether it's cleaning the chicken coop, building birdhouses, taking care of the new farm babies, working in the garden or any of the other endless necessary farm tasks, there is always something going on.

If you want to experience some of the day to day activities, chores and surprises that happen on our little homestead, please follow us on our YouTube channel, Laughing Goat Farm.

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